Reflecting on H1: The Pulse of GovTech in Scotland

As we barrel through 2024, let’s pause and take a look at the GovTech scene in the Uk and in particular, in Scotland. It’s really has been a hive of activity, buzzing with initiatives aimed at enhancing government services through technology. There’s been a significant focus on digital inclusivity and citizen participation and this alone […]

Getting GovTech Investment ‘Ducks in a Row’

Market Potential The GovTech market in the UK is substantial and growing. The UK government is one of the largest employers in the country, spending billions of pounds annually on various services and initiatives. In the 2020-2021 financial year, the UK government’s total managed expenditure was approximately £1,094 billion, with a significant portion allocated to […]

The Importance of GovTech to the Startup and Scaleup Community

Introduction GovTech, the modernisation of public sector organisations through technology, has significant implications for startups and scaleups. For many tech companies, selling to the government is an attractive market due to lucrative, long-running contracts that are less likely to be cancelled compared to other sectors. The large and complex nature of public organisations often requires […]

Navigating the Investment Landscape for GovTech Ventures

In the rapidly evolving GovTech sector, finding the right investors is both an art and a science. It’s about aligning innovative public sector solutions with capital that not only seeks financial returns but also appreciates the unique challenges and opportunities of government technology. This short post explores the intricacies of securing investment for GovTech ventures, […]

So, It’s 2024, What Can We Expect from GovTech in Scotland This Year?

Happy New Year from the Scottish GovTech Cluster! Introduction As we step into 2024, the landscape of GovTech in Scotland stands on the brink of transformative change. The confluence of emerging technologies and innovative applications is reshaping how governments interact with citizens, manage resources, and deliver services. In this month’s post, we explore the exciting […]

GovTech 2024: On the Cusp of a New Era in Technologically-Augmented Governance

As 2023 closes, global government innovation labs, civic technology hubs and visionary public sector leaders gaze hopefully towards the months ahead, sensing government technology and digitally-driven policymaking are poised upon the cusp of a new transformational era. From advanced integrations of artificial intelligence across bureaucratic operations and service delivery to breakthroughs in participatory policy design […]

2023: The Year Generative AI Upends GovTech

An earth-shaking revolution in artificial intelligence is afoot that promises to reshape government technology as profoundly as the web browser or iPhone did decades ago. 2023 appears poised as a breakout year for integrations of generative AI across the public sector tech stack and digital government services in ways that could redefine civic infrastructure everywhere. […]

Citizens First: The Key to Successful GovTech Modernisation

Government organisations at all levels across many countries are urgently working to modernise legacy backend systems and paper trails. A wave of digital transformation initiatives aims to introduce new websites, applications and automated workflows to greatly improve citizen access and ease of use when interacting with the state. However, without thoughtful user-centric design carefully crafted […]

What’s Hot in the Fast-Moving World of GovTech?

GovTech – the use of hot technology to enhance the delivery of governmental services and upgrade civic infrastructure – is an explosively growing sector at the intersection of innovation and public sector mission. Accenture analysis indicates GovTech could become a £320 billion global market by 2025. Underpinning this rise are cutting-edge technologies being deployed to […]

How Should a GovTech Start-up Raise Investment?

Scotland has seen a surge of innovation and entrepreneurship in GovTech – technology companies aimed at providing services and solutions for governmental agencies and the public sector. As these Scottish GovTech start-ups seek to expand and scale their impact, a key priority becomes raising investment and financing to fund growth. However, the Scottish ecosystem has […]