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Mentoring and Support

We offer mentoring and support to help these ventures navigate the GovTech sector.

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Consultancy for Members

We offer consultancy services to help our stakeholders get the most from the cluster and its members.

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Skills & Knowledge

We're committed to creating sustainable skills and knowledge in the GovTech sector.

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Navigating Opportunity

Driving innovation in the Scottish GovTech sector with the potential for global opportunities.

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Access to Resources

We provide access to a wealth of resources, including research reports, case studies, and publications.

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Networking Opportunities

We offer numerous opportunities for networking and collaboration.

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Access to GovTech Ventures

We provide investors with access to a portfolio of promising GovTech ventures.

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Impact Measurement

We offer support in measuring the social and environmental impact of investments in GovTech ventures.

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Insight & Trends

We provide investors with insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the GovTech sector.

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If you’re an overseas Cluster, GovTech Venture or Investor, please feel free to reach out – we are particularly keen to hear from you.

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