Investing in the future of public service delivery is a rewarding endeavour. At the Scottish GovTech Cluster, we provide investors with access to a curated portfolio of promising GovTech ventures. These are businesses that are not just poised for growth, but are also deeply committed to transforming public services and making a positive societal impact.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of ventures, each offering innovative solutions to pressing public sector challenges. From startups leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance service delivery, to established businesses using blockchain for secure data management, our portfolio represents the cutting edge of GovTech innovation.

But our role goes beyond just providing access. We also offer insights into each venture, including their business model, growth potential, and the impact of their solutions. This helps investors make informed decisions and align their investments with their strategic objectives and values.

In addition, we facilitate connections between investors and ventures. Whether it’s arranging meetings, organising pitch sessions, or providing platforms for ventures to showcase their solutions, we’re here to ensure that investors have the opportunities they need to engage with potential investees.

At the Scottish GovTech Cluster, we’re not just about fostering innovation; we’re about creating opportunities for growth and impact. And by providing access to promising GovTech ventures, we’re helping investors play a key role in shaping the future of public services.