Welcome to the Scottish GovTech Cluster

Empowering Scotland’s public sector through the development and implementation of innovative GovTech solutions, driving efficiency and improving outcomes.

We’re here to help establish Scotland as a global leader in GovTech, with a thriving, sustainable cluster that drives economic growth, improves public services, and enhances inward investment.

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Over the past decades, digital and tech have transformed just about every part of society. In the past few years, the private sector has embraced digital transformation at an increasing rate, and ‘GovTech’ has increasingly been acknowledged as a specific and important sector across the world.


GovTech for Scotland

GovTech in Scotland has the potential to markedly improve private sector services and products, contributing positively to every metric on the National Performance Framework.

Opportunities for Scotland

Worldwide, the GovTech market represents a major opportunity for Scotland: the market was estimated to be worth some $400 billion in 2018 , with anticipated growth of 15% a year between 2018 and 2024.

Building Partnerships

Key to unlocking GovTech’s value lies in building genuine and effective links between the Scottish Government and public sector and the tech sector.

Meet the Team

Our team is committed to success in GovTech in Scotland. Feel free to reach out to them!